HUMAN Automotive launches DOS

Giovedì, 11 Dicembre 2014. The HUMAN Blog, News, Automotive

The first cloud platform for comprehensive management of the car after-sales service

HUMAN Automotive launches DOS

The new creature of HUMAN is called DOS, standing for "Dealer Organization System". DOS was born as the first Cloud platform for comprehensive management of the car after-sales service, being an evolution of the old DMS and thus obeying the new demands of the automotive sector.

The DOS platform based on Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, enables real-time interaction of all those involved in the sales process:

  • Brand
  • Importer
  • Garage
  • Customer
  • Vehicle

With the customer and vehicle in the centre of the system, coupled with Artificial Intelligence algorithms, DOS is the only system capable of both performing personalized marketing actions in real time and proposing additional online operations.

An application for each profile

DOS is presented as a suite of comprehensive applications for car dealers and car repair shops: considering the role-environment- application relation, optimizing all processes and functionalities for each user’s profile that participates in the service chain of the car dealer and garages.

These are the applications that make up the suite of DOS:

  • DOS After Sales Services is the first CRM specifically designed for the management of garages.
  • DOS Welcome is the tool for managing the shipments and deliveries of vehicles to the garage.
  • DOS Garage Work is the control tool and technical assistance for the mechanic to perform work inside and outside the repair shop.
  • DOS Spare Parts is the application for the management of spare parts.
  • DOS Me&MyCar is the multi-platform application for the customer.
  • DOS Business Intelligence is the result-oriented tool that facilitates the success of the sales activity.

With DOS, HUMAN does not only offer a solution that covers old and new needs in the car industry, but sets a solid base from which to tackle the wide range of future challenges and possibilities opening to this sector.


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